Standard 1 Year Limited Warranty
All new Sonic Drive systems come standard with 1 Year Limited Warranty. Each additional year of warranty is offered at 8% of system cost at the time of system purchase. For example, if  the system is $2000, then the warranty cost is $160/year for each additional year up to total of 5 years. Please note, additional year warranties do no cover power supplies and fans.

Universal Extended Warranty
We provide Universal Extended Warranty for up to 5 years for many models listed in our Trade In page.
It does not matter when or where you purchased the product, we will warranty the product for you
When you sign up, we will ask you to send us a file to verify the configuration and status and that is it ! The cost is very reasonable and ranges from $250/year for most systems to $450/year on higher end systems. This is simply the best hassle-free and worry-free warranties on the market today !
Please contact us for details on how to get started.