Trade In

Do you have a defective or outdated CD DVD Server that just does not work anymore?
Rather than tossing them in the landfill,  we offer competitive trade in and upgrades for these older generation products. These are some of the qualified products that you can send us for trade in's and upgrades. If you are not sure about how to find the model number of your system, please visit the FAQ section of our Support page or click HERE to open a document with step by step instructions for most systems.
 Brands Models   
 Axis  Axis Stor Point CD+ SCSI 
  Axis Stor Point CD+ IDE 
 Ingrasys  Fisc CDH and CDM
  NAStorage 4100T 4100R 8100T 8100R (IDE Hard Drives)
  NAStorage 4200T 4200R 8200T 8200R (IDE Hard Drives)
  NAStorage 8200 Pro (SATA Hard Drives)
  NAStorage 8200 Ultra (SATA Hard Drives)
  NAStorage 8420R
 Excel Meridian Data DataShare x2  (NAStorage 8100/8200)
  DataNAS XP  (NAStorage 4100/4200)
  DataNAS Director (NAStorage 8420R)
 JES Hardware Raptor (NAStorage  4100/8100/4200/8200)
 MDI (Micro Design International) GroupStor (NAStorage  4100/8100/4200/8200)
 Prime Array Systems Serve Station (NAStorage  4100/8100/4200/8200)
  Pro Serve (NAStorage  4100/8100/4200/8200)
  Net Serve (NAStorage 8420)
  Real Storage NAStorage 8420R
*All company or brand names may be trade names or registered trademarks of the respective owners.

Universal Extended Warranty
We provide Universal Extended Warranty for up to 5 years for many models listed above.
It does not matter when or where you purchased the product, we will warranty the product for you
When you sign up, we will ask you to send us a file to verify the configuration and status and that is it ! The cost is very reasonable and ranges from $250/year for most systems to $450/year on higher end systems. This is simply the best hassle-free and worry-free warranties on the market today !
Please contact us for details on how to get started.

Data Recovery and Data Migration Services
We provide data recovery services that reside on older generation of CD DVD Servers listed above.
We can also migrate your data from older generations to the current platform and technologies to make seamless product transitions for you.

Parts, Repairs, and Upgrades
We stock spare parts for the products listed above and most of the time can repair them as well.
Please contact us to see how we can best assist you.