• Does your organization have CDs, DVDs, or Blu Ray Discs that needs to be shared and managed? 
  • Do you receive periodic updates that need to shared and distributed to many locations automatically?
  • Do you need a centralized storage system that is super easy to use with minimal amount of management ?
  • Do you need to archive or image data to a write-once media to comply with data retention laws ?
  • Do your software applications need all clients to map the CD/DVD to a network drive?
  • Do you want to RAID protect all your precious data that resides on CD and DVD ? 
  • And automatically back them up to remote sites if needed?
These are just some of solutions we provided to our customers around the world over the last 20 years.
The following are a small representative segments of the customers we serve. We understand the unique requirements each of our market segments have and are well positioned to fulfill these needs. 
Please contact us to see how we can use our SonicDrive servers to best meet your business storage requirements.

 Public Sector  Private Sector
 Federal, State and Local Government
 Fortune 500 companies
 Police Department
 Law Firms
 Oil and Gas Exploration
  Financial Institutions
 Banks and Credit Unions
  Health Care 
 Hospitals and Clinics
 Armed Forces
 Defense Contractors
 Electric and Water Utilities