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Sonic Server

Sonic Server 2U Rack

Sonic Server 2U Rack
The Sonic Server product line is an enterprise solution with powerful file serving features. It features 8 easy-to-access hot-swap hard disk drives plus a slim-line CD/DVD optical drive. It can scale up to 32TB of raw storage. It is available with hot-swap redundant power supplies. You may also add additional Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity, or external tape drive and auto-loader connectivity.
It is best suited when you need  protected storage for your CD DVD media and general file storage. It comes with all the file server features including Snapshot.

Sonic Server 2U Rack Details:
  • Front-mounted with LCD panel for system status, events, and alerts
  • Up to (8) Serial ATA hard disk drives with up to 32TB of raw storage
  • Dual 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
  • Hot Swap Redundant power supply
  • 1 Slim CD-RW/DVD-RW optical drive

    Sonic Server 1U Rack

    Sonic Server 1U Rack

  • SATA Hard drive capacity up to 4TB capacity
  • Third Gigabit Ethernet (choice of copper or fiber optic)
  • Locally attached tape drive, library, or autoloader
  • Single or Redundant power supply models
Sonic Server Models and Prices
These models are the best choices when you want lots of protected storage with best file server features.
These models can be quoted promptly with different capacity and options upon request. Please contact us for all available options.
 SKUCD Volume Capacity* Number of Optical Drives Hard Drive Raw CapacitySystem Enclosure Warranty*Technical Support Price
 SS-4000R1-H41 4000 14TB Raw-4HD's1U Rack1 YearLifetime $2550
 SS-4000R1-H81 4000 18TB Raw-8HD's2U Rack1 YearLifetime $2950
 SS-4000R1-H82 4000 116TB Raw-8HD's2U Rack1 YearLifetime $3650

*CD Volume Capacity: Each CD ROM Disc storage is assumed to be 500MB on average.
*Warranty : All new systems come standard with 1 Year Limited Warranty. Each additional year of warranty is offered at 8% of system cost at the time of system purchase. For example, if  the system is $2000, then the warranty cost is $160/year for each additional year up to total of 5 years. Please note, additional year warranties do no cover power supplies and fans.