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Sonic Cache

Sonic Cache Tower

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The Sonic Cache product is the most cost effective and compact solution for caching your CD/DVD/Blu Ray media to share on the network. Available in either Tower or 1U Rack enclosures, it features 3 hot-swap hard disk drives plus a slim-line CD/DVD optical drive to host up to 4096 disc images. You may also add additional Gigabit Ethernet network connectivity, or external tape drive and auto-loader connectivity.

Sonic Cache Model Details:
  • Up to 3 SATA hard disk drives with up to 12TB of raw storage
  • Dual 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet
  • 1 Slim CD-RW/DVD-RW optical drive
  • Tower or 1U Rack System Enclosure
  • SATA Hard drive capacity up to 4TB capacity
  • Third Gigabit Ethernet (choice of copper or fiber optic)
  • Locally attached tape drive, library, or auto-loader

Sonic Cache Models and Prices
These models are the best choices when you want to share CD DVD easily and cost effectively.
 SKUCD Volume Capacity* Number of Optical Drives Hard Drive RAID LevelSystem Enclosure Warranty*Technical Support Price
 SC-1000T1-H1 1000 1RAID0-1HDTower1 YearLifetime $1950
 SC-1000T1-H2 1000 1RAID1-2HD'sTower1 YearLifetime $2050
 SC-2000T1-H2 2000 1RAID1-2HD'sTower1 YearLifetime $2150
 SC-4000T1-H2 4000 1RAID1-2HD'sTower1 YearLifetime $2350
 SC-1000R1-H2 1000 1RAID1-2HD's1U Rack1 YearLifetime $2250
 SC-2000R1-H2 2000 1RAID1-2HD's1U Rack1 YearLifetime $2350
 SC-4000R1-H2 4000 1RAID1-2HD's1U Rack1 YearLifetime $2550
CD Volume Capacity: Each CD ROM Disc storage is assumed to be 500MB on average.
*Warranty : All new systems come standard with 1 Year Limited Warranty. Each additional year of warranty is offered at 8% of system cost at the time of system purchase. For example, if  the system is $2000, then the warranty cost is $160/year for each additional year up to total of 5 years. Please note, additional year warranties do no cover power supplies and fans.