SonicDrive CD DVD Server Appliances

Our CD DVD Server Appliances are the best way to easily share and manage your data across your organization.
We offer these popular models below:
  • Sonic Cache:  These models are the most compact and cost effective appliances available today. They are ideal for workgroups or small-medium-businesses for storing, sharing, managing thousands of CD's or DVD's or Blu Rays Discs. Caching to hard disk drives enables fast access to the data by multiple users simultaneously. 
  • Sonic Loaders:  These models are perfect for organizations that need to load multiple discs simultaneously and share thousands of discs FAST. With up to 9 optical drive ports available on the system, these Loaders can make CD DVD discs shareable on any network at lightning speeds.
  • Sonic Servers:  In addition to caching optical media, these enterprise class servers offer the best NAS capabilities. With super fast Smart Syncing data replication and Snapshots, Network Recycle Bin,you have many options to protect and manage your data. With Data Distribution feature, you can mirror your data to thousands of locations or branches around the world.

 Features  Sonic Cache     Sonic Loader Sonic Server    
 CD/DVD/BluRay Storage Yes Yes Yes
 General File Storage Yes Yes Yes
 RAID / Hot Swap HDD     Yes Optional Yes
 CD Volume Capacity* 1 to 4096 1 to 4096 1 to 4096
 DVD Volume Capacity* 1 to 4096 1 to 4096 1 to 4096
 Raw Data Capacity up to 16TB up to 32TB    up to 32TB
 Direct Network AttachYes Yes Yes
 Hard Disk Caching Yes Yes Yes
 Optical Drives 1 to 2 1 to 9 1 to 2
 Enclosure (Tower or Rack) T or R T or R T or R
 Power Supply (Single/Redundant) S or R S or R S or R
*CD Volume Capacity: Each CD ROM Disc storage is assumed to be 500MB on average.
*DVD Volume Capacity: Each DVD ROM Disc storage is assumed to be 4GB on average.

For detailed information on each of the features above, please visit our Features page.
We also build custom models that will tailor to your specific requirements. Please visit our Custom Models section at our Models page.