SonicDrive CD DVD Server is a unique CD/DVD/Blu Ray disc management device with powerful file server capabilities in a single easy-to-manage solution. It is a purpose-built embedded server that is designed to handle optical media efficiently and reliably. The file server is designed to seamlessly integrate into your network environment and provides the best protection for all the data including the disc images.

CD DVD Disc Server Features
The Disc Sever provides many features to help you load, share, and manage all the optical discs.

CD/DVD/Blu Ray Disc Caching:
Store up to 4096 CD DVD Blu Ray discs in one system. As soon as a disc is placed in the optical drive, the system automatically images the disc into its file system for you to share instantly across many types of network environment. The caching is super fast and takes about 5 minutes on average for a CD size of 500MB.  This is much more efficient than traditional jukeboxes or passing disc around the office. Once cached, users can simply access these images from browsers or file explorers.

Content Management:
The SonicDrive servers include software to centrally manage and categorize shared discs on your network. It will locate and list all CD/DVD servers and discs on your network for sharing. You simply drag-n-drop disc images into any categorized folders. The user simply clicks on any disc image to view them or run the application. 

Disc Emulation: 
The SonicDrive servers included software that allows you share discs that requires a local optical drive present to function. Our servers bypass this local drive restriction by creating a virtual drive to the discs that you shared on the disc server.

License Management: 
The Sonic Drive Servers include software to monitor user access to CD's and DVD's. This included software lets you manage disc usage restrictions to comply with any licensing agreements.

Disc Management:
Get organized! Instead of fumbling with dozens or hundreds of optical discs, store an exact replica image of the disc on reliable RAID protected hard drives. No more hassle, the discs are on-line all the time for instant access and they can be easily organized into multiple volume groupings to make locating them a breeze! Load new discs via front-mounted CD/DVD loaders, or from the comfort of your office over the network by using the powerful remote loading software (included at free of charge) or right from the SonicServer itself.
Organize your CD and DVD media into multiple volume groupings for easy management, and share up-to 4096 volumes (discs) to users on the network at once. Off-load your current File Server by storing project data, private directories, or disk-to-disk backup data sets on SonicDrive CD DVD Servers instead.
Some examples of volume grouping:
 Volume Grouping by Year Volume Grouping by Department Volume Grouping by Manufacturer
 Engineering Department Microsoft
 January CD
 Disc 1
 February CD
 Disc 2
 Windows 7
 March CD
 Disc 3
 Office 2010
2013 Sales DepartmentAdobe
January CD
 Sales CD 1
February CD
 Sales CD 2
March CD
 Sales CD 3

Make backup copies of important discs, or create your own CD, DVD, or Blu Ray discs as easily as drag-n-drop using the included Disc Creation software (included at free of charge). Minimize deployment costs of PC hardware by allowing selected network users to use the SonicDrive server as a centralized resource for creating or copying discs, instead of each PC being equipped with a DVD-RW recorder.
Periodic or monthly updates on CD or DVD or Blu Ray ? No problem. With SonicDrive, you can easily replace the old and outdated volumes that were previously cached with the new discs as they become available, all without resetting share names or volume security. If you want to keep an archive of all the periodic updates instead of removing the old ones, you can choose to do so.

File Server Features
The built in file server protects all the valuable optical media that you have cached into the system. It provides many levels of protection for the data.

Web Based Management:
The SonicDrive Servers are managed from a web based graphical user interface. That means you simply configure and control the entire system from your browser! The web console allows you to set up networks, configure storage, grant user rights, view system status, and much more.

Data Storage File Sharing:
Utilizing the SonicDrive to compliment an existing file sever or as a replacement file server is a smart move! The easy-to-use management interface removes all the unnecessary options that just get in the way when configuring a complete operating system, instead focusing on what really matters: serving files. Off-load your current File Server by storing project data, private directories, or disk-to-disk backup data sets on SonicDrive CD DVD Servers instead.
SonicDrive features available RAID protected hard drives, scalable on-the-fly to 16TB in capacity. It's a perfect home for storing data like private directories, project data, or as a disk-to-disk backup server. SonicDrive also features Network Recycle Bin so accidentally deleted files can be recovered without help from IT staff or MIS personnel.
Easily create several share points and set granular security for the share, folder, and file level using native operating system tools like Microsoft Windows Explorer "right-click, set permissions" dialog box. Or use the built-in admin web interface instead if you prefer. The built-in iSCSI target feature provides an affordable IP-SAN(Storage Area Network) alternative as well.

Data Protection:
The powerful filer server incorporates many options for data protection. Some of these options include:
RAID Level Protection: 
The server provides RAID Levels 0,1,5,6,10 and JBOD with global hot-spare and RAID expansion.
Volume Migration: 
This allows for super fast local replication of volumes.
Snapshots are fast point-in-time copies of volumes. Taking snapshots is so fast that the problem bothering most IT people virtually does not exist. Up to terabytes of data can be backed up in less than one second. Not impacting server performance and productive activities, it is the ultimate solution to satisfying short-term backup needs.
Remote Replication: 
This feature is called SmartSync where the data is synchronized to another server either on the local network or another server anywhere in the world. The process is fast and efficient because the transfers are done on a block by block basis. So you never waste bandwidth and time on trying to synchronize large files and volumes.
Disc to Disc Backup:
This feature allows the administrator to simply backup a local driver to another drive either for taking an old drive offline or to use hard drives as a backup media! 
System Profiles Backup: 
This options allow for fast system recovery or just using different system profiles. It backs up all the system settings and allow you to restore or copy system profiles.
Network Recycle Bin: 
Users on the network can simply recover their files without any intervention from IT or MIS staff. This feature saves a lot of headache and time for everyone!
Data Archiving: 
Archive less frequently used data into optical media. This write once media can also help you comply with laws and regulations or just for storing your data in offsite facility.
USB Backup: 
Backup to  USB Pens and Drives allows for fast portable backup in a hurry. 
Tape Backup:
Backup to Tape drives or Tape Libraries for data life cycle and long term storage are easy with this option.

Backup and Disaster Recovery:
SmartSync technology is built-in to every SonicDrive, allowing you to easily create a "primary" and "secondary" scenario, where the primary server backups all data and configuration settings to the secondary, and in the event the primary fails, the secondary can be easily brought on-line with little or no downtime or data loss.
Disk-to-Disk backup is easily implemented with SonicDrive, either using the built-in SmartSync technology to backup to another SonicDrive, or by using popular backup software or included free software. Most commonly this is used to backup several workstations or servers within the network to a single centralized storage point, the SonicDrive server, while maintaining your powerful scheduling, selective restore, and disaster recovery features that are included with advanced backup software packages.

Anti Virus Protection:
The system provides up to date virus protection for the entire system.  The system can update the virus pattern information automatically via internet to protect the server against new virus attacks. The real-time online scanning can warn and remove infected files to prevent users from distributing virus on the network.

Network Compatibility:
SonicDrive supports Windows XP,7,8 and Windows Server 2003 and 2008, and will appear as a Windows File Server to the network users and perform Domain or Active Directory authentication via your domain controllers. In Unix/Linux environments, NIS support is available, or create local user and group accounts. For Macintosh users, authenticate against your Domain Controller, or create local user and group accounts right on SonicDrive. No matter which network environment you have, SonicDrive is designed to integrate with it and work seamlessly across all major network platforms.  

Key Features:
  • Unique single server solution, providing both CD/DVD/Blu Ray disc management and network file storage in one solution.
  • Store up-to 4096 volumes (CD/DVD/Blu Ray discs) on-line simultaneously, and organize them efficiently.
  • Available RAID hard disk drive protection for data redundancy, scalable up-to 16 TB in capacity.
  • SmartSync replication technology built-in to sync data from one SonicDrive to another.
  • Dual Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000mb/s) interfaces for enhanced performance.
  • Comprehensive system events and health monitoring.
  • Disc creation technology built-in with support for CD-R/RW, DVD-R/RW, DVD+R/RW, Double Layer DVD-RW DL, and Blu Ray standards.
  • Disc Management software package for Windows included free of charge.
  • Ability to limit concurrent connections per share to help control licensing restrictions.
  • Use as disk-to-disk backup target server to replace slow tape backup servers.
  • Trend Micro anti-virus engine built-in and automatic pattern updates are free of charge. 
    Configurations are available in 1U, 2U, 4U Rackmounts and 5 Bay, 9 Bay Tower Models. Most models have Single Power or Redundant Power Supply options.